Visit High Coast offers you valuable flight, bus, train, cruise and car rental information that will help you get to/from the High Coast in Sweden, and help you get around within the area. There are several ways to move between the destinations in the High Coast, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your visit.

Car rental

Moving around within the beautiful High Coast area is not always that easy. Transportation between the cities in the High Coast is easily accessible, but if you wish to experience it fully and freely move around within the High Coast area we recommend renting a car.

This allows you to independently explore the area, finding those sweet spots along the way.

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In the High Coast area there are one large airport in Örnsköldsvik that has daily flights to/from Stockholm with Scandinavian Airlines.

There is also a High Coast Airport which is located between Sollefteå and Kramfors, where there are occasional flights to/from Stockholm. Just outside the High Coast to the south there is an airport in Sundsvall that operates daily to/from Stockholm as well.


Travelling by train in Sweden is an amazing experience, taking you to every corner of the country. Along the way you can enjoy nature from a comfy seat and maybe have a tasty swedish “fika” while on board.

The train runs through the High Coast and have several stops within the area; Härnösand, Kramfors and Örnsköldsvik. You can also use the train to travel between these towns at various times during the day, all year around.



Local bus lines in the High Coast area takes you between most towns and villages. If you want to travel here from other parts of Sweden, long distance bus lines by Y-buss departs from Stockholm and many other cities. This will bring you to the northern parts of Sweden within a day.

Additionally, as of the summer of 2019, local bus company Byberg & Nordin offers tourists to take the World Heritage Bus, “Världsarvsbussen”. These buses connects some of the most popular tourist attractions in the High Coast region, whilst also syncing up with ferry timetables.


During summer Birka Cruises offers a unique 2-day cruise from Stockholm to the northern swedish coast. The cruise ship docks at Härnösand harbour, offering multiple local tours and activities. Leaving the harbour, the ship takes you north, letting you experience the very heart of the High Coast.

You get to pass under the magnificent High Coast Bridge and cruise the archipelago Islands of Ulvön and Trysunda. This and much more from the comfort of a high quality cruise ship. Don’t forget your cameras, this will be a trip to remember!


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