Introducing Skuleskogen...

Located in the High Coast in Västernorrland County, this Swedish National Park offers incredible views and hiking paths that will bring you to some of the most wonderful spots in the High Coast.

Within the area you will find multiple cabins and camping sites. Skule National Park is located in the municipalities of Örnsköldsvik and Kramfors.

A changing landscape...

Most of this region was below sea level less than 10.000 years ago, after which the land masses has risen almost 300 meter.

Remnants of this extreme act of nature is seen all around the area. Skule National Park was established in 1984 and covers 30.62 (19.03 sq.miles).

A growing attraction...

Today the national park is a very popular tourist attraction for a lot of Swedish citizens and have gained a bigger interest for tourism in the past couple of years.

The national park will have you enjoy a natural environment, hiking, walking and also too experience the magnificent landscapes of the High Coast.

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