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Visit High Coast provides information about activities and transportation. Although you will find useful information about the High Coast and accommodation tips, we do recommend contacting Höga Kusten Turistservice for general travel information. Höga Kusten Turistservice is the official tourist information agency in the High Coast.

Visit High Coast cooperates with Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling to promote and help spreading the High Coast area to the world!

Höga Kusten Turistservice:

You can visit the High Coast anytime during the year, but people prefer to visit during summer. During summer the landscape really showcases itself with a blossoming nature and incredible views. Also, most of the activities you can enjoy here are all open and available during summer.

As we are not the official tourist information, we highly recommend reaching out directly to Höga Kusten Turistservice since they are more knowledgeable regarding the High Coast Trail and they will surely help you with your questions.

There are different ways of travelling around the High Coast, with the World Heritage Bus, local buses, hiking or the train. To experience it to the fullest and finding all the hidden locations around the High Coast, we recommend renting a car to be able to travel freely.

There are two options: High Coast Airport in the middle of the High Coast and Örnsköldsvik Airport.

It is safe and you do not have to worry about any dangerous animals. However there are some restrictions of where you can/can’t camp and what you should think about when camping in the national park. Contact Höga Kusten Turistservice for further information.

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