The High Coast has four cities located within its area, and regardless if you’re looking for hotels, cabins, hostels or putting up a tent in the national park, you will find exciting and beautiful accommodations that suits every budget. Regardless if you will be staying close to the coast or further into the High Coasts astonishing backcountry, you will enjoy incredible views just around the corner. If you’re lucky you might also be able to spot some of the rich wildlife that The High Coast has to offer.

Listed below are the four major cities where you can find accommodations that will make your stay in the High Coast memorable.


Located in the northern part of the High Coast, this city offers great access to the coast and it’s beautiful archipelago. In the city centre you will find stores, restaurants, playgrounds, and a big museum housing numerous exhibitions throughout the year. The indoor waterpark Paradiset houses Sweden’s longest water slide and offers a great spa experience. When Örnsköldsvik was founded back in 1842 the harbour played an important role.

Nowadays it is the perfect spot to enjoy a nice dinner or some refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day. The city is also called ‘Foppaland’ referring to the famous Swedish ice hockey player Peter Forsberg, who grew up and played for the local team Modo Hockey. Örnsköldsvik offers incredible architecture and is easily accessible via train, bus and daily flights to/from Stockholm. The dock is also accessible for those travelling by boat. Örnsköldsvik is also the founding home of the renowned company Fjällräven, housing its Outlet store just outside the city.

© Mikael Jonsson


“The gate to the High Coast” is located in the southern part of the High Coast. In Härnösand nature is always just around the corner. Just a few minutes drive from the city center gets you to many different preserves with fantastic views and hiking trails. During summer you can also play some golf or take the ferry to visit the Hemsö Fortress. Härnösand is also the home of the world famous Hernö Gin distillery whose gin has become known for its excellent taste and quality.

The city’s harbour has been nominated as one of the most beautiful in Sweden. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a nice meal or take a stroll in the sunset. If you have a couple of hours to spare, we recommend that you take the Ådalen III cruise to the visually stunning High coast bridge.
If you want to travel here by boat, you can either dock right at the harbour or travel via Birka cruises, whose Stockholm-to-High Coast cruise ship docks in the city’s harbour.

The city of Harnosand in north part of Sweden. Flowers and lake in foreground. Center in background. Summer daytime.


This city and municipality is located in the middle of the High Coast. Being located close to Ångermanälven, Sollefteå have Sweden’s second largest hydro generator and generates almost 15% of Sweden’s hydro electricity.

The hotel Hallstaberget is located at the top of the city with an incredible view over the surrounding landscapes. Sollefteå also has a big ski-resort with activities such as cross country skiing, biathlon and ski jumping. A lot of Sweden’s top skiing athletes have studied at the local ski oriented high school in Sollefteå.



This town in the middle of the High Coast houses great scenery, showing the fantastic transformation that the nature has gone through. Just a short drive from Kramfors takes you to a multitude of interesting locations along the high coast. A visit to the famous High Coast Distillery is just half an hour away.

During the summer, this whiskey distillery offers guided tours and tasting sessions. If you want to experience the coastline, the archipelago offers several genuine fishing villages, some with ferry connections taking you to some of the archipelago islands.


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